One of our goals has always been to become the preferred supplier of choice for innovative labeling and marking solutions for a number of key industries. Nowadays we can proudly say that we have reached that objective working with with different sectors such as pharma & cosmetics, food & beverage, paint, logistics, retail, automotive, consumer products, etc. All of our solutions are of a high quality standard offering an efficient, clean and sustainable labeling process.


KTL TOP LABELING Our KTL Top labeling system was designed to apply labels on flat surface of various items, products, containers, or packages .It can be used as a stand-alone machine, or integrated into a production line. General characteristics: Twin…

LW50-R for unstable round containers

Our LW50R Wrap around system was designed to apply a wraparound label to a wide variety of unstable products. It's the ideal machine for labeling round vials, small sized bottles, and several other round objects.


Our Tamper evidet system is the perfect solution for the application of security labels on pharmaceutical boxes or assimilates, on each side of the carton package in order to assure the integrity of the packaging content. Ideal for labelling, coding, serialization and track and trace of pharmaceutical products.


Our TB50 Top Bottom system was designed to accurately apply labels on both the top and bottom sides of flat surfaces. It provides a quick and easy way to apply variable data to packages, such as, expiration dates, ingredient lists, or batch numbers

LW50 Wrap

Our LW50 Wrap around system was designed to label all types of cylindrical products, offering a cost effective way of moving from manual hand labelling, to a more automated solution. It can deal with high demand production lines.


Our FB122/180 Front & Back system was designed to apply labels on both the front and back side of any oval or flat type of container.